Homeowners Guide to Corrugated Steel Metal Roofing

One of the latest trends in residential metal roofing on a dime, is using corrugated, or wavy steel roofing panels to provide roof coverage for residential homes. Although typically corrugated steel roofs would be installed over industrial buildings, and metal barns, some manufacturers including Union Corrugating, and McElroy Metal offer residential profile corrugate metal roofs with through fasteners. These residential grade corrugated steel roofing systems feature a thicker gunge steel, which is designed to last longer than a corrugated roofs along the likes of those commonly installed in Maine, Vermont, and Northern New Hampshire.

Not all corrugated roofs are created the same. The biggest difference from the homeowner’s perspective is the thickness or gauge of steel that goes into making the panel, and the coating, or the quality of paint finish. The residential grade corrugated metal roofing profiles are manufactured from either 26, or even a 24 gauge steel, while industrial grade corrugated steel roofs are made from a lower grade 29 gauge steel.

Residential grade corrugated steel metal roofing panels are also coated with a higher grade Kynar paint, which is designed to provide energy savings, and maintain it finish for 30 years. Industrial grade corrugated steel roofing panels are painted with a cheaper acrylic paint.

General rule of thumb is that if your are looking to save money on the installation of a new metal roofing system for your home, and you are thinking of opting for a corrugated steel exposed fastener system, make sure that roofing panels are manufactured from either 24, or 26 gauge steel, and have a Kynar paint finish to provide energy efficiency for your roof.

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