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Most people consider standing seam metal roofs to be the only type of metal roof there is, because it is the most-installed type of metal roofing in the US and Canada. Standing Seam Metal Roofs are usually produced using painted galvanized steel or aluminum coil. Most panels have width of 16 inches between the ribs. The ribs or locks, are what gives this type of metal roof its name. The panels are attached to the roof using concealed clips and fasteners which grab onto the lock of each panel and then the overlapping lock covers all the fasteners.

Snap-lock standing seam profile is the most common type of standing seam metal roofs, and is designed for roof pitch of 3-in-12 or more. If your roof has a low slope, you should use a mechanical lock standing seam or a snap-lock with low-slope sealant added to inserted into the snap-lock mechanism.

Standing seam comes in two most common profiles – Snap Lock and Mechanical Lock. Some less common profiles include Snap on Seam or Batten, where all panels have a C shape, the clip holds down each panel and acts as a snap-on mechanism for the seam or batten.

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